failed? no, just taking detours.

For every time I've failed, 
For every time I've screwed up, 
For every time I've said "I'm Sorry," 
And for every time I've not.

For every heart I've broken,
For every stone unturned,
For every one I've damaged 
Due to an action or spoken word. 

No, I'm not a loser.
I know I am no failure.
Some things take longer to learn. 
In the end, I'll have things mastered.

Regret? I've had aplenty.
Self-loathing? I've lived that, too.
Walked away too many times, 
Stepping closer to something new. 

I know where I'm going. 
I'm taking longer than I should, 
But these setbacks are not failures,
Only detours through Wisdom's Woods. 

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