Scattered life

Stepping into the unknown
Unsure of what the right move is.
Yes and no tug-a-war in my heart,
But I know, deep down,
What feels good.

The fear quickly moves into excitement,
the shock into hope.
For what may be,
what could be,
what will be.

You never know what you’ll do
when a curveball shatters through the life you’ve painstakingly designed.
But maybe the not knowing is enough.
Enough to just watch it all unfold. 

Letting go of the plan
feels scarier than actually taking the first step
off the the well-marked path.
Just say yes,
Say yes in spite of the doubts, the what ifs
Say yes to the unplanned story being written in front of you.

Not knowing feels scary,
but what do you really need to do?
What do you really need to know?
Embrace and envelop the new, the unwritten.

The truth, the answer, flows through my veins.
Step boldly, step bravely into the unknown,
the untold.
Open your heart and your arms
to what may be,
what could be,
what will be.

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