sometimes I feel like I wanna roll over and die, Unfortunately for me, I seem to be just fine and im not done with this world yet

 ive been thinking alot about the conversation we had the 29'th of last month, I understand your disappointment. Why did it have to be like this? Why isn't the world moving in direction we'd hoped? It certainly is frustrating, I know. But let's be honest here, the world we live in today isn't all it could be. In today's world, none of us really know who we are... we are unaware of our strengths, or the role we are meant to play. perhaps we live our lives at the mercy of the times my friend, but Perhaps it means we can't be fooled. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will just wipe them out, but you know, sometimes I feel like I wanna roll over and die, Unfortunately for me, I seem to be just fine and im not done with this world yet

Think of the world as a system. It needs people who build things, and other people who manage things. Without people to manage it, even a garden can become a wilderness. We all take care of our gardens; planting trees, keeping the grass green, planting pretty flowers... and pulling up weeds. But if we just let the grass grow as it please, would we really call that 'beautiful'? Would we call that 'freedom'? They may not admit it, but everyone likes that sort of thing. They like places and things that are well-managed... safe.. Haven't people always strived to organize the world in just such a manner? Building cities, fashioning tools, making rules.

tho I agree with you on this point, Fighting is not the answer, we can't let anger and hatred control us. If we attack each other now, the world will become a battlefield once again. Nothing will be gained..

History is much like an endless waltz; the three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever, so there’s no need to hurry. history will repeat itself.
Strength is a necessity. There will always be conflict but yet, Power is whatever one makes of it. Foolish are those who hope for it in excess. Yet, equally foolish are those who resent it for no reason, And I realize there's a certain bitter irony in saying that some of us are fighting in order to bring about an end to war,

I also want to tell you one last thing my friend, Anyone who has ever wept because they felt weak or powerless has always had those kinds of thoughts. But the moment you acquire all that power to make that world you dreamt of, you become the one who causes others to weep tears of loss,

For my part, I don't think there's anything foolish or mistaken about trying to protect the people who are important. We can't be sure about what's best for the entire world, but I believe that we love this world as much as we do, because of the people we love, who are in it, but right now, it's the only option we have. We all wanna do something to help, and really, none of us are sure if this is the best way to help out. But we can't just give up now, can we? And knowing something's not right but doing nothing about it is just as bad. We know what that will bring. I think we know all too well.

That's why we have to go mate, to prevent history from repeating itself but hopefully, Eventually everyone learns. Like the first person did, about good and evil. Now the fear was, that they'd reach out for the fruit from the tree of life, and live forever. As a result, people were punished, and exiled from paradise and eternal happiness. Could this be the reason why humanity is forever stretching their arms out? Searching for the garden they lost in the distant past, forbidden from ever returning to it?

But time only flows one way, that's why I believe that what we're really searching for still lies ahead. Somewhere in our future, though there may not be a tree of life, I'd like to think that some day we will fashion a garden with our own hands. One where we can live in peace and in happiness. Never forget that,

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