old man in the mirror

As I gaze upon a frail old man opposite me
He looks at me and a smile appears on his face
I decide to stop and talk to him for a while
To reflect upon those years gone by
Old man, where has your life gone?
Time has flown by, doesn't life moves so fast
Can you remember when you were younger?
Handsome man with long dark hair, the ladies loved,
but its all gone now, not even any grey patches
A gleam in your eye just like James Dean,
but your face is old and wrinkly now
Your hands were so strong, but now shake and shiver
Like a stallion, your strength was of legends,
but through the years you became so weak and fragile
Do you remember all the loves?
All those hearts your broke?
The one that broke your heart?
I know she skips through your mind from time to time
Such a beautiful woman, full of class,
you thought one day you would marry,
have lots of children and die happy.
Funny how life works out, how it never goes to plan
What you have today is never what you thought it would be
Do you remember all those who hurt you?
Through time you learnt to forgive,
life is too short for grudges
I know you miss your real beloved,
your precious mother, who sacrificed her life for you
Who held you so close the day you were born,
sadly, you lost her so young
Life was hard with so much poverty,
and I know you wonder what happened to your childhood,
but you got through and learnt how to spread love
You didn't let the demons defeat you,
because your were drawn to the angels
Think about all the happiness you brought,
how many tears you wiped away and how you listened
But what about those dreams you had?
Do you have many regrets?
Or is life too short for that?
Do you feel you have left behind a legacy?
I see loneliness in your eyes,
everyone you loved, has left in the end.
Are you happy with what you will leave behind?
Do you like what you see in the mirror?
As, I turn away from the mirror,
and tears roll down my face
I think to myself, what happened to the fun and the adventure
Whatever happened to all those passengers?
What happened to me?
But, then I remind myself,
life is what it is and everything happens for a reason
Some you win, some you lose
Life is too short for regret
It's good to reflect, but also good to be content...

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