i am afraid.

afraid of losing you.

you are what a dream is like, 
pure and flawless.
i am completely falling for you
you are beyond what i want and more 

you are beautiful.

you are pure right to the soul.
i'll be gentle,  

i'll take you by you hand.

kiss you lightly, 
and say the sweetest things, 

cause you know you deserve the best.

i'll show you my world.
i'll show you what i am really like.

i wont show you a cover.

i'll strip down to my boxers, 
just to show you that i care, 
and that im aint hiding anything. 

we been through alot

but we still stuck together.
through the tough and good times
you know ill be there.

i'll be your guy that puts a smile on your face

that makes you smile everyday.

i'm not afraid

to tell you anything
but i am afraid of losing you

you're the most wonderful

girl in my life

no words can describe

how i am feeling towards you
i am just afraid of losing you... 

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