That Hollow Lie Against My Hope That I Won’t Buy

These quiet words, they carry me away
They keep coming back
In idle thoughts and hollow cut-aways
Disarm me
No will to attack

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind you of the pain forevermore
And when my sins are just a memory
Faith restored
I will fail you
To the core

These quiet words

Lost in the shadow of an endless grace
My reign is unbound
In this abandon I will devastate
Till agony’s found

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

It’s Hard to Say
That I’m Back
On a Straight Line
You See My Path
Is In Fact
Just A Fault Line

Your Fool I Will Not Be

It’s In My Blood, It’s In My Lungs
And It Won’t Die
I Fight These Words, I Bite My Tongue
So I Don’t Lie
Though It’s Me to Blame
There is No More Shame in Me
In Me…

And How You Rest Your Faith in These for a Lifetime

The Waters Rise Above My Eyes
I Will Breathe It In and Go Out With the Tide
And When You Think This is The End
You Will Find Me There Where I Have Always Been

I Am a Stone, Unaffected
Rain Hell Down Onto Me
Flesh and Bone, Unaffected
Your Fool I Will Not Be
I Am a Stone…

I Am a Stone

I Try to See and Believe
In the Short Sight
Accept the Burn of A Vain
And A Half-Life

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