stream of time never stops

deep in my mind, smoke faded into the night the doors left open, with a glimmer of hope just so you could come back home time goes by, no matter how hard you try to stop it

Dont say goodbye, now that is our story has come to an end feel your life bursting into flames every day, everywhere, any time i belive in eternity the stream of time never stops, never sets me free

the towns fast asleep, dreaming of you
Melting the ice,
throughout the night i wont shed a tear as i will keep holding on thru the pain until you come home to me

lonely night so lonely, in a such a distant world there is no choice,
but i wont be afraid
Now is the time to stand strong against the winds of time

if someone only could hold me close, thru my time of pain,
everywhere while i love you eternally since the stream of time never stops,
it never sets me free

Kör fingrarna genom min själ.
För en gångs skull, bara en gång, känn precis vad jag känner, tro vad jag tror, upplev vad jag uppfattar, ser, upplever, undersöker, och en gång, bara en gång, förstå.

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