long walk at night 
the breeze freezes my spirit 
the moon warms it up 
pulling at my poetic soul 

the crickets sing their poems to the night 
a million other insects contribute their share 
to loosen up the night 
for lovers, husbands and wives 

while a tide of words too 
creeps in all directions in my mental sphere 
saturates the poetic bar of the intellect 
waiting to be strummed into verses 

the rhythm swims along with them 
as i write out verse by verse 
the moon my friend shares its light 
the night wind inspires 

lovelorn stars wave all the way 
a million light years away 
heralding the birth of a song 
sparkling, twinkling 
guided by intricate orchestration of the night 

before gracing the written page 
long walk in the night 
even the insects with the lamps 
start to lend me their lights 
between the twinke of the stars 
they dance, sing, beat out a dance

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