I never surrender

I’ll never quit
So stop this now, 
I won’t give up
And I won’t back down.

You’ll never defeat me
Cause I’ll never quit, 
I will win this battle
So just stop it.

I am stronger than you
Because I have something worth fighting for, 
So no matter what you do
I will win this war.

I want this enough
That my entire body hurts, 
I can’t hold it back any longer
My body feels like it’ll burst.

I know in my heart
That you will never win this fight, 
Because what my heart tells me
Is that what I’m saying is right.

If you think you’ll win
If you think you’ll win this fight, 
Then you’ve got another thing coming
Cause we’ll be here all night.

I will never give into your’ might
I will win this fight, 
‘Cause you’ll come to find out that when it comes to me
I never surrender. 

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