Writing is not easy sometimes, but we seem to do it anyways

I sit staring at the window

Sometimes i just got to let go
I can’t stand to fly
I wish that I could cry
Just looking for things inside of me
But I am lost as can be
I just can’t seem to find a way
So I fall upon my knees and I pray
I never ask for much
I never crave for a touch
They don’t know how I feel
My pain is just too real
Sometimes it feels all world’s on my shoulder
Sometimes it feels the world’s almost over
There are reasons no one will find
And all my feelings are deep inside
My insecurities are going to eat me alive
I have got no answers and still I survive
They don’t believe me, I am misunderstood
And so disturbed, I would change it if I could
I feel like such a fool, who is to care
Still I believe waiting for me is a world out there.
It’s not that easy to heal me
And so it’s not easy to be me
Everything i love is killing me