My empty heart's not beating
i've lost the will to live
i feel so lonely, i feel so lost
i have nothing left to give

i'm hurting very badly
i'm trying to find my way
and because i am all alone
the pain won't go away

i'm trying to get through this
i'm trying to survive
but every lonely step i take
the truth i realize

i'm yearning to go home now
i'm tryin to endure
and yet the lesson that i learn
just hurts me more and more

the truth that i've been hiding
it seeps out of my broken heart
and loneliness devours me
i'm being torn apart

it seems this world does not like me
i'll never find my paradise
i look, aware that i'm empty
i'll never make it through this life

the road reveals no future
it just repeats the painful past
i knew i wouldn't make it far
i knew i wouldn't last

i'm trying to be hidden
pretend no one can see my heart
the black thing that devoured me
-- it's tearing me apart...