hela dagen har jag gått runt och gäspat, även om jag sov som en stock och fick mig en ordentlig sovmorgon, hunnit med lite ärenden under dagen och en riktig go-fika, och en promenad via själevad och svedjeholmen från stan.. 

Allt som allt har det varit en okej dag, och ännu är den inte helt slut, sitter och funderar på om jag ska gå ut ikväll och dricka lite eller om jag ska ta en riktig slö, soffsittarkväll tills jag somnar

Jag har även lagt märke till att jag fått några gråa hårstrån med, innebär det att jag snart kan kalla mig för trollkarl? 

Ta dig tid att njuta av stigen du vandrar på 
och uppskatta stället du befinner dig på 
för därifrån är allt möjligt

Unexpected at that.

As I walk through life,
I look at all I have done.
I had wandered aimlessly,
And wondered what I have become.

I have been through so much.
It is amazing I made it through.
Lessons I have learned.
I am shocked I pulled through.

At times I wondered
What life was all about.
The trials experienced in life
Can make all the good come out.

We try to make it day by day,
Remembering what we were taught.
Just remember some time to pray.
It is important;
We need it every day.

Life can be short,
Unexpected at that.
We try to take its punches,
Just hoping it won't break our back.

Remember who you are,
Who you want to become.
Everything will fall into place,
When the time comes.

Don't forget I love you's
Every chance you get.
The time may be short.
There is no time to regret.

Life can be exciting,
As we all have found out,
Eventful, even busy.
There is no time to be left out.

Remember who you are
And who you want to become.
The time can be short.
Don't leave things undone.

Remember your families,
They are the only ones you've got
To carry you in times of need.
They cannot be bought.

Remember they love you,
Either here or there.
They will always be with us,
Help for things to bear.

Rambling in the morning

But then what is hope? That all of your wishes and all of your dreams come true? To have your prayers answered? To turn back time because things weren't supposed to happen like that? Could you say with absolute certainty that you would not make the same mistake again? Who decided all this, and what's been decided..
A path not taken, is also a path that never existed 
One thing I can't run away from, is myself.
Although I'm weak and full of flaws, I will never stop moving forward. No matter who I am, no one other than myself will create my own existence. No matter what others may think or feel, I will still move forward as myself.
No matter what happens, I'll keep on moving. Until this life runs out of me, I'll keep on walking.